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If you haven’t heard in the last few years about the “new-found gold”, in technology and advancement of data. Yes, I am talking about Blockchain the technology and underlying protocols that power the infamous Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies and decentralized ecosystems.

Overall the Blockchain main use is to process transactions and data securely and efficiently via distributed ledgers.

“Blockchain is the tech. Bitcoin is merely the first mainstream manifestation of its potential.” — Marc Kenigsberg, founder of Bitcoin Chaser

It seem as inserting the word Blockchain into your project had the investments pouring in. In the last 2 years we’ve seen millions invested into Blockchain start-ups via Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) similar to IPO offered by fortune 500 companies to raise funds, however with ICO’s there is no “stock” ownership.

Biggest ad-libs in the Blockchain/Crypto space at time

When Moon, When Lambo, When Exchange

While the hype seem certainly just about the money, that same hype did however harm the growth of the industry. With the rush for this “new-found gold”, a lot of people got burnt, by investing in bad projects, pump and dump schemes and more. The overall issue is the lack of knowledge of what Blockchain and cryptocurrency actually is and what these technologies can do.

ICO investors just needed to understand what they have invested in. The knock on effect was the mainstream outlets “fudding” the industry. Making investors descend from the mountain, dumping their “new-found gold”, and leaving some holding the bag.

The biggest effect on the industry was good startups with real use cases, trying to gain transaction and an audience. The market had taken a devastating plunge, on top of this Facebook and Google cited the ban of blockchain/crypto specific ads.

So How can Blockchain Start-ups ultize Social Media

There is a sour taste that blockchain has left with some people. How can social media help this?!

The thing is the blockchain needs users, real users, who will implement the use of blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency into their lives. With the bear market upon us, and the plument of Bitcoin prices, marketing is a myth to most Blockchain projects in this climate.

Probably because there not much budget laying around, with most projects budgets being tied up in development. However, there is still potential for projects to win the hearts of new users, at very little cost.

Where does one find these users? Where is the biggest pool of people spending their time these days? Social Media!

Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and more… Every project needs users, investors and publicity for people to embrace it. This can be easily done via social media, one day at time.


So, how do you use it?! Show your company culture, show the office, show your team, show them working on your project. (Not too much of course!)

Posts should include the struggle, the wins and ultimately the vision of your company and project. Engage with the audience. Do live AMA with followers. Go live with users of your platform. Get your employees to fire up their personal Instagram accounts, and start influencing. You’d be surprised with the results!

Stay active on big Instagram blockchain accounts, the ones Memes esspecially due to high traffic, as well as Blockchain news accounts including technology Influencers get active in those comments. Leave comments, and reply to those who have left comments. These need to be relevant comment though. No randoms ones!

Build a community via a hashtag and get people to sharing posts using it. This is a great way to grow your presence on Instagram. Let’s also not forget, the beauty of sending a direct message.


Twitter has been around for a long time, and is a channel that should utilised to the fullest, as it has a heavily active community. To use it; – spin relevant content in the industry, engage in conversations, add GIF’s to your tweets to show human emotion. Don’t just self promote your project, educate your audience, and have a tweet schedule.

I personally tweet more 14 times a day sometimes more. With Twitter that’s not even scratching the surface. Things to remember; – Twitter timelines are like a rolladecks they just keep spinning. So you have to keep your content spinning too.


261 million International Twitter users


Some say it’s not really effective depending on the project. However, if there are still active users, then maybe you need to be there. Especially if you’re in it for the long haul as it has a Generation Z audience. These are the ones who will help empower your platform for adoption as Generation Z is the technology and social media generation. Here is some data to help you decide if it’s worth your marketing efforts.

More than 400 million Snapchat stories are created per day,

Generation Z, Who Hold $44 Billion Of Buying Power

71% of Snapchat users are under 34 years old.

Blockchain once fully implemented could possibly be most used by Generation Z. Things to remember; – Generation Z like tailored, personal content so bare this in mind.


It goes without saying that LinkedIn, is a place for business and businesses to interact with clients and promote their services. Just go easy with your approach, no endless direct message without first making contact.

Overall for blockchain technology to succeed and to get people actually using it. It needs mass adoption, and if you can get businesses to adopt the tech then that’s a very good place to start. Things to remember;- Businesses are looking for tech that makes their business life easier and their customer experience better.

To reaffirm… educating your intended audience through main stream channels, is not a easy feat. However, with social media and a slow but sure strategy you may aid Blockchain adoption.



Len is a marketing Consultant providing service in digital marketing and social media