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So far in 2018, we have seen countless updates, with Instagram adding features and more. They can leave you wondering if it is still possible anymore to grow Instagram accounts or even go viral.

Growth and automation don’t really move quickly anymore, but that another story. The real reason you are reading is because you want to know if it possible to go viral on Instagram in 2018 and how.

Like I mentioned in my previous article, there are a lot of ideas surrounding this question.

The truth is going viral on Instagram is slightly technical and not so technical at the same time.

You may say what’s the point in going viral: what you need to remember is outreach, and promotion cost money. If you can get a high volume of traffic to your account for little effort (I mean no ad spend), then why not.

Viral content is still one of the best ways to grow an account. Having constant profile visits and impressions on your account is a great way to gain exposure and spark interest. Below is a quick reminder of what happens when a post doesn’t go viral: Instagram suggests you should throw some money at…

Which isn’t a bad thing but if you want to hit good numbers, it’s going to cost you. Over a million impressions on Instagram came in at around £4k this time last year.

As now this around £15K and Instagram doesn’t enable you to do it in one day ether. So this is one good reason to piggy back viral content, it just takes a few minutes a day at finding content. Posting at the right time versus £15k ad spend.

Here is a example below

Once posted, we start to tag people in, to get the ball rolling, then boom here comes the viral stream. In the flux of likes, views and impressions then engagement kicks in.

People having debates in the comments section, profile views, impressions and reach, and the most beautiful thing is if you keep posting viral content and keep hitting explorer, your account will always be detected as a highly active account. So start stacking those impressions.

But you may say ‘my account isn’t based on viral posts’, and yes, that may be true for most of us. However, it doesn’t rule you out from using it, as you can find viral niche content all over Instagram. You can use viral content to build your personal or business account. The key factor to this is finding viral content that is in-line with your brand or message.

Do I have any examples of this?

A good example of this is heavy weight online entrepreneur Jonathan Long. He uses this method for growing his following and Instagram presence by posting engaging viral content in-line with his brand.

Not all posts are destined for viral success. However, some posts have tickled the algorithm and then ending up being re-posted to become viral content.

In the last few months, we have been testing all types of viral content and methods to go viral. Editing posts, changing thumbnails, posting at the most active and non-active times.

And so far we notice they only change is you need more powerlikes and more comments within the first 10 minutes of posting and have great content.

And so far, we have seen that the only change is that you need more powerlikes and more comments within the first 10 minutes of posting (and to have great content).

We have been testing with and without powerlikes, and we have seen some good results. The benefits of virality is followers, impressions and brand awareness.

So how do you go viral on Instagram in 2018

Gaining viral status is always the dream. Word on the street: Instagram is still the platform you need to be going viral on. So here a few tools to get the job done.


Power likes

More Power likes


This year has been a good one so far for Instagram, hitting a billion users then the launch of IG TV. That was mass adoption at its finest, and Instagram is now strong-arming video content, challenging the mighty YouTube.

The main thing we notice about going viral in 2018 and hitting explorer is that it has not changed really, you just need more powerlikes and great engaging content, especially if it’s video.

Stay Gramming,

Best, Len


Len is a marketing Consultant providing service in digital marketing and social media