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With Instagram, the word viral content gets thrown around a lot and may make you feel a little lost. Yes, this is true; the key to posts going viral is the fact that sometimes it’s not good content. It’s the fact the content has caught people’s attention, and isn’t the same content they’re used to seeing.

Memes are holding the crown for this: mad pictures with clickbait quotes — you may laugh, but that shit works. In many cases, though, virality can be engineered by sourcing appealing content, which is the first step.
Take this account, for example, which promotes viral funny posts.

Their content just screams virality and shareability. Another viral content process is repurpsoing trending tweets from Twitter and then reposting them to Instagram.

If content is viral or performing highly on another social platform, 70% of the time it will perform as well, if not better, when shared on another. You may see this effect with content shared on Facebook from Whatsapp or vice versa.

The key thing with finding viral content on Instagram is to follow big viral accounts, turn on post notification and watch a stack of content, and then repost it once it’s gone viral.

Studying your niche is key to getting an idea of what content themes are working, and what type of posts could potentially go viral.

The theory here is piggy-backing to see who’s doing what, and what is going viral in your niche, then reposting it to join the viral club. Engagement is crucial for any success on Instagram.

The more users who engage with your content, the higher your posts will be prioritized on the Instagram feed, increasing your chance of users finding your content on Explorer.

Using Viral content can help you generate more engagement, more comments and more likes, overall it’s the power of attention, which potentially leads to content going viral in the first place.

Sourcing Viral Content

  • Studying your niches
  • Turn on post notification
  • Monitor content
  • Piggy-back content from bigger accounts
  • Repost content once its gone viral
  • Find Rock-Solid Viral Content on other social platforms

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Len is a marketing Consultant providing service in digital marketing and social media