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Over the last few weeks during the Dream Team Secrets course. I touched on the topic of Powerlikes and Engagement rounds. We received a lot of questions regarding these two types of hacks some people knew of them and some didn’t.In this post, I explain how exactly these two hacks all work and the mechanics behind them including the pro’s and con’s.

So here we go in the words of the great DJ Khaled.

“Knowing is better than learning”

Just kidding so here’s the lowdown.


As you saw a few weeks ago with my example of using Powerlikes myself I managed to boost my post to gain over 1.2 million impressions and counting.

So what are Powerlikes

Powerlikes is a system where huge accounts with over 100M followers plus combined to like your posts. These likes will hit your posts with 15 minutes of you posting to Instagram. Another question was are these likes real ? and how are they different from regular likes? Well the answer is yes they are from real active accounts. These accounts are gaining real followers and engagement everyday.

Only real active accounts are allowed to participate in the Powerlikes system. The different between Powerlikes and regular likes is the likes are filtered from highly active accounts which perform better on Instagram algorithm.

Powerlikes Breakdown

Likes from 100M Followers Plus
• Like from 100K Accounts Upwards
• Likes as soon as you Post
• Filter from highly active accounts
• Likes Rank better on Instagram Algorithm
• Boost the chance of posts hitting explorer
• No Need to give likes back

Engagement rounds

Engagement rounds are completely different to Powerlikes, engagement rounds are at set times through out the day. They are usually set at the most active time users are on Instagram. Rounds are basically a group of accounts who participate at set times to like each other’s most recent post. Using rounds will increase your impression and slightly improve your reach. However hitting explorer off engagement groups is slightly harder.

They will require you do extra activities such as comment groups and pods to truly benefit your post. This is because using engagement rounds is not as effective as Powerlikes. With Powerlikes the accounts delivering the likes are vetted for activity and engagement. Downside of engagement rounds none of the accounts are vetted some accounts may have 10 to 1000 followers with just a few posts sometimes.

Which means you could be receiving likes from dead accounts. This will not help your posts rank on the algorithm. Another thing to point out using engagement rounds you are required to give likes back

Which can be very time-consuming liking 1500 plus accounts manually within 90 minutes. Only gives you sore thumbs if your not using automation. The good thing about rounds is if the hashtags research is on point plus the content. There is still a chance to increase your account reach and possibly hit explorer.

Engagement Round Times –

These are GMT time zones

· 11.00 a.m.

· 14.00 p.m.

· 17.00 p.m.

· 20:00 p.m.

· 23:00 p.m.

· 2:00 a.m.

How Engagement Groups Breakdown

  • Likes from random accounts
  • Account not in your niche
  • Likes could be from dead accounts
  • Rounds are at set times
  • Need to use comment rounds for effectiveness
  • Lower chance of hitting explorer
  • Required to like accounts back
  • Choose when to participate

Overall using any of these hacks will benefit your posts. Powerlikes more than engagement rounds will increase your chances of going viral.You should remember content is king and bad content with no hashtag research wont go viral in the first place.

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Signing off,

Stay Gramming 🙂

Len Gordon


Len is a marketing Consultant providing service in digital marketing and social media