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The main Instagram growth topic from 2017 to this year was Instagram Powerlikes or Powerlikes as they are known by. Is the Powerlikes myth true can Powerlikes really make you go viral. And if so where and how can you obtain such trickery?

In the last few months I received a few Instagram DM’s and emails regarding the whole Powerlikes and Instagram thing. So I put this article together for those who are seeking more knowledge on Instagram Powerlikes.

Well the truth be told, the Powerlikes system is real and it does work to some degree, well to the maximum if used right. When I mean used right, I mean your content game has to be in check…

As we all know content is King on Instagram…. Follow Kermit Meme

None Of My Business

In last year we have tested countless Powerlikes on Instagram bringing us to find various Powerlikes sources. In the Instagram Powerlikes Industry, aha there are many Powerlikes sources on offer.

But only a few sources will get a mention due to their effectiveness, cost and the ultimate question will they make your posts go viral on Instagram?

Here’s the thing Powerlikes do kind of make your posts go viral, however it all depends on what you think viral is to be fair. As going viral varies from one account to the next.

One thing that remains when it comes to going viral on Instagram is the type of content used to do it. it’s either thought-provoking visual or some very unusual image.

So here it is the Ultimate Powerlikes Guide for Instagram and a few extra bits.

The Ultimate Powerlikes Guide for Instagram in 2018

What are Powerlikes

Powerlikes is a system where a network of accounts with over 100M followers plus combined together to like your posts. These likes will hit your posts with 15 minutes of you posting to Instagram.

These likes are from real active Instagram accounts that are gaining real followers and engagement everyday. The different between Powerlikes and regular likes is these likes are filtered from highly active accounts which perform better on Instagram algorithm.

Only real active accounts are allowed to participate in the Powerlikes system, Powerlikes help your posts be seen by your followers since the algorithm update and they also give you more chance of hitting Instagram Explorer depending on your content.

When to use Powerlikes

Before using Powerlikes you need to find the correct content in niche you wish to use. So head straight over to Instagram explorer, the content you are looking for should have a high amount of engagement. The more engagement the more chance of it going viral once its been reposted and hit with Powerlikes, one last thing always credit the original content owner simple Instagram etiquette.

The key to finding your content is from sourcing from the big niche accounts who are already reposting viral content. As all they work is being done for you because these accounts are already letting you know what’s getting the views and likes on Instagram.

When selecting your content aim to choose posts with anything from 100k to 1m views, or post with 10k likes upwards. This is a good indicator that the content you’re picking will stand a good chance of going viral once it is reposted with Powerlikes.

Hashtags Research

Don’t forget your hashtags, there are some people who still doubt the whole hashtag thing. However, if hashtags are still being used and people are searching Instagram via hashtags and you get Insights on hashtags.

Then you better used them as a standard discipline when posting and especially when your using Powerlikes on Instagram, as you will be just wasting time and money.


Timing is a major factor as to when you choose to use Powerlikes as you should aim to post in accordance with account analytics. This is to see when your followers are most active on Instagram this will help to give the Powerlikes that extra push. If your Instagram Insights are not that flattering, then post at Instagram peak times.

When not to use Powerlikes

Your “CONTENT” is always king and even with the biggest network of PowerLikes, your regular post will still not go viral. This is because your content is viral unless its produced for viral effects. It will never be selected by algorithm and again it will be a waste of Powerlikes.

You may touch Instagram explorer but your post will not be there for long, so always make sure you take time to select the most viral content as it’s cost effective.

Downside of Powerlikes

With most things in life, there is always a downside, with Powerlikes over the past year it was Powerlikes sources using dead accounts to deliver the Powerlikes.

In return this would just give you low impressions and no reach due to the accounts being inactive. The effect of this is Instagram algorithm ignoring you and eventually those dead Powerlikes will just kill off your accounts.

So be very careful when choosing your sources, there were case of networks using fake botted accounts and fake autolikes as Powerlikes.

Like they say Instagram is the wild west so expect things like this when you’re on the hunt for those Powerlikes. So now you know the in’s and out’s of the Powerlikes, now it’s all about how do you get them.

Here are a few Powerlikes names thrown around in the forums and are still the front runners for all things Powerlikes.

Use at your own risk…..

Powerlikes Sources

  1. Fuelgram
  3. BoostupSocial

Main Tool Needed — Instagram Explorer

How to further use the Powerlikes system

The best way to maintain the purest quality of Powerlikes is to find private Powerlikes networks. Which would be super-niche and only have 100–200 accounts, these accounts would be influencers and viral niches who do not participate in the automated PowerLikes systems.

Below are a few steps to get your own Powerlikes system on it’s way.

Find Accounts

There are a few ways you can go about this, as you need accounts to join your network for the Powerlikes system to work. Things to think about first are you going build a niche network or just a large account network.

Starting a DM Powerlikes group is the easiest Powerlikes group to build but can be a logistical nightmare when it comes to liking posts.

I would opt for the Bot approach get people to sign in and the bot does the rest. However, if you do opt for the bot approach aim to keep your bot exclusive by adding and removing accounts over time if criteria isn’t met. This should help keep the quality of your Powerlikes high.

Build Network

There are few ways you can go about this, as you need accounts to join your network for the Powerlikes system to work. Things to think about are building a niche network or just a large account network.

You can start with a DM Powerlikes group which is the easiest Network to build. But can be a logistical nightmare when it comes to liking posts as everyone has to be in tune.

Overall you need to think of the benefits for people to join your network. As these accounts with build part of infrastructure and help you to deliver Powerlikes. Some networks out there offer cash incentives or the service for free. So you have to decided what works best for you and your network.

Build A Telegram/AutoLiker Bot

Now you need your infrastructure there are many choices to use but this does depend on how you want to build. Many Powerlikes groups are build on android platform with server and API capabilities and 4g Proxies etc.

I think the easiest method is a telegram bot, it is faster and you can be up and running in a few hours after testing. I would opt for the Bot approach get people to sign in and the bot does the rest.

It goes without saying that getting your posts on Instagram’s Explorer is still one of the most popular ways to get real active followers. As we know the most popular posts are always floating around explorer. So hitting Instagram explorer will always benefit your account growth.


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