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In the last two months, I have taken a step back from social media just to observe what is actually going on. We are half-way through 2019, and Instagram’s algorithm still works in mysterious ways. With escalating changes and the effort to grow a presence on the platform at an all time high.

Growth providers assemble

Growth providers assemble once more in order to reverse and restore balance to the Instagram universe as we know it.

Growth methods and services in ruins.

Well the painful truth is, accomplishing your Instagram goals is usually a suicide mission which involves a lot of time, money and planning month after month. To be fair it all can get a little too much.The questions especially for the new adopters, how do I do it, what can help me do it, what do I need to use.Consequently, these questions are still relevant to long time users who are battling to maintain an Instagram presence. Let’s face it if you’re excepting to be Instagram Influencer, a high profile one at that, don’t be expecting to spend a $100 a month with the hopes of reaching a 100k followers in a month.

Love Island Contentants have over 50% fake Instagram followers
Influencers are now losing THOUSANDS of followers a day as Instagram’s removal of the ‘like count’

Truth be told we’re in the end game now for Instagram growth

So How Do You Grow An Instagram Account In 2019?
1. Kicksta
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Fuelgram are back with a new AI algorithm which properly anaylzes accounts engagement, activity and how real each accounts following is to provide the most effective powerlikes delivery.

Fuelgram is the number one name in Instagram Powerlikes and Instagram growth, real numbers, real growth and real Instagram Powerlikes. Fuelgram has been the front runner for a few years for Instagram Powerlikes and growth in general. So much, that it got some shade thrown on its services, me personally I’ve had fuelgram in my marketing stack ‘for a minute’ as they say.

With our data, we have hit over 10 million impression using Fuelgram and gained over 350,000 followers plus across our networks, just by adding Fuelgram into our marketing stack and some good content.

How Good are Fuelgram Powerlikes

Yes, they used thier own network of accounts gaining average of 1000 daily followers, which helps to deliver the most effective Powerlikes.

Note: Instagram Powerlikes are a tool to increase the chances of your posts going viral. However like I said before you content has to be rock-solid to go viral in the first place. Don’t take my word it, try Fuelgram for free, they offer free trials, so you can try send your posts to Instagram Explorer.

  • Real Instagram Powerlikes
  • Real Instagram Powerviews
  • Real Power Impressions
  • Real Power Comments from Real Instagram users
  • Create your own power Niche Engagement Group
  • Dedicated Support
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4. Jarvee
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