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It’s another year, and you guessed it… its time to evaluate your Instagram automation tools. I’m guessing you haven’t got around doing so this year and is probably why you’re reading this now.

To end the curiosity, and the endless googling and ultimately to save you time. I am going to help you in searching for the next Instagress alternative, to bring back those good old growth memories.

However, it has been some time since Instagress has graced any Instagram account. Hence, this article title, since Instagress was shut down, we’ve seen many Instagress alternatives come and go.

Furthermore some of those that came and went, were boasting massive growth through so called “cutting edge” platforms. Which, at some point just ended up being wolves in sheep clothing, that didn’t deliver anything close to what Instagress could accomplish.


If Instagress was still rocking, what features do think it would have now? Auto DM’s(Direct Messaging), posts scheduling, story viewer? Maybe even dynamic targeting or more.

The good news is, there are Instagress alternatives to make those memories a thing of the past. So, for the ones who are still missing Instagress and google searching for the next best thing.

I’ve put together the best Instagress contenders to help conquer Instagram in 2019, which boast all the above suggested features and more. These incredible tools are worth considering when you are looking to empower your Instagram marketing stack.

I must reaffirm, that automation is a choice that is entirely up to you, but before you make your mind up, I think you should consider these Instagress alternatives for effortless automation of Instagram, based on effectiveness, ease of use and features. There are some new kids on the block, like Ai grow me and Social Captain, and the old faithfuls, Jarvee, SocialSteezes and Instazood.

Stay Gramming 🤳🏽

Signing off,

Best Len 🙂

So here are my Instagress Alternatives You Can Use In 2019

1. Kicksta

Kicksta is a heavyweight name in the Instagram growth landscape, Kicksta not only provides Instagram growth, but they also provide countless information on how to utilizes Instagram on whole.

Their growth service enables smart filter which lets you target based on location, hashtags and Influencers, gender also they have amazing case studies to back up their Instagram growth services, so using Kicksta is definitely a no brainer.

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  • Smart Filters
  • Exclusive Video Onboarding
  • Safe and Secure
  • Premium Email Support
  • Live Chat Support
  • Gender Targeting
  • Hashtag Targeting
  • Location Targeting
  • Blacklist

2. is a very capable tool, which encapsulates the entire Instagram growth process in one cool tool. YES!, I did say the entire growth process. Aigrow me is like Instagress 3.0. enables you to create your own Engagement Pods, Scheduled Posting, Direct Messages(sending enabled) along with targeting by hashtags, location and influencer.

Aigrow me also offer dedicated fully support on their top plans, and is definetly an Instagram tool to consider, for your Instagram marketing stack.

Plus, you guessed it…before you make your mind up, you can trial it! free for 5 Days.


  • Unlimited Post Scheduling
  • Unlimited Engagement Groups
  • Inbox
  • Growth Engine — FAST
  • Auto DMs — Unbranded
  • Dedicated Support
  • Target #, Location & Influencer
  • Engagement Groups
  • Use your Instagram mobile app on a web browser on any desktop
  • Build your own Pods and Niche engagement Groups


Jarvee is a name you may have heard of before, a real contender for all round social media tools. Jarvee boasts some big features for Instagram that allows you to fully and effectively automate your Instagram with ease. Jarvee enables you to grow multiple social channels, not just Instagram. You can grow accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and more.

This is a excellent time saver as you can managed all your social channels in one place. Jarvee does claim “you can reach over 100,000 new Instagram users each month”.

This is a big claim, however if you ever heard of the now defunct Massplanner or the popular Followliker, I would consider you take a look at Jarvee as it can go neck to neck with these Instagram tools, need I say more!


  • Hashtag and Account Targeting
  • Hashtag Research
  • Scheduled Posts
  • Statistics
  • Auto Reposting
  • Post from Dashboard
  • Follow, like, comment, unfollow
  • Proxy Support
  • Import data from other automation tools
  • 5 days Free Trial


SocialSteeze is a platform that provides growth features simliar to Instagress. Just answer a few questions and off you go, Their growth expert will take over from there, It’s a simple 3 step process, 1. sign up, 2. choose targeting, 3.go viral!

With SocialSteeze you can use hashtags, locations, and usernames as your targets. SocialSteeze states you can get followers in just about any industry.

No time is wasted, you will notice results within a hours of using their service. Overall its a neat service, plus they have verifed Instagram accounts vouching for their service too.

A quote from their website

What a great service, can definitely vouch for the team at SocialSteeze. This service has helped my account reach new limits! — @zacaynsley


  • Hashtag Targeting
  • User Targeting
  • Location Targeting


Instazood is a well-crafted Instagress clone. The user interface isn’t the greatest, but this software does what it says on the tin. It runs quite smoothly and gains followers fast. It works just like Instagress. It follows, likes, and comments, based on your preferences and is a really affordable piece of kit.

There are also module add-ons such as Direct Messaging, comment tracker and so on.


  • Hashtag and Account Targeting
  • Scheduled Posts
  • Multi Accounts
  • Statistics
  • The success rate of Targets
  • Post from Dashboard
  • Follow, like, comment, unfollow
  • 3 free trial days.

These were some Instagress Alternatives You Can Use In 2019, Instagram is changing and you need to adapt to stay ahead of the game.


Len is a marketing Consultant providing service in digital marketing and social media