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Gram Hacks: Essential Growth Hacking for Instagram



Gram Hacks is a call to action for brands, businesses and the entrepreneur. Who wants to raise awareness, gain followers and achieve viral success. Len provides an answer to this tough question, by requiring you to think differently towards Instagram. These growth hacking techniques will enable you to boost your existing strategies. Whilst helping you to develop new ones, the result being more organic growth.

Gram Hacks is empowering you with the knowledge to dominate Instagram and become an Instagram master. This book is essential reading for those who are choosing Instagram as a marketing channel.

Discover The Top Growth Hacks Used By Instagram Marketers To Increase Their Followers! And Monetize Their Audience. All the knowledge you’ll need to become an Instagram Master every strategy and tactic! Learn from a Growth Hacker, who already went through the hurdles of growing Instagram accounts.

Learn the proven strategies I’ve used to grow my accounts into the thousands




What you will learn:

Account Optimization
Hashtag Research
Instagram Explorer
Engagement Groups
Growth Hacking
Viral Content
Instagram Tools
Instagram MarketPlace