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Content; the whole focal point of Instagram — your content, my content, users’ content. When creating content it is very important to think of the story you want to capture and convey.

Visual communication is what it’s all about; you have to look at your account like a work of art, carefully constructed stroke by stroke as if you were actually painting a masterpiece.

Most big brands using Instagram have a whole team creating their masterpieces. But doesn’t mean you can’t make it happen. But how do you begin to create a masterpiece if you have no prior knowledge?

This is the thing people who follow brands want to see content that depicts a context. While product shots and selfies can be successful, it’s important to remember when approaching content that you do it from a lifestyle perspective.

Instagram ideas take planning, no matter how organic a picture can seem. Planning your photo in advance will help make your life a lot easier.

Take a Picture..

Once you add photo planning to your habits, you will notice how you start looking at the world as Instagram posts and you’ll start stacking content, and begin pre-planning your grid.

So we’ve just gone through planning, what to capture and essentially why. Now, how do you capture it?

Pointing the camera and shooting is the easy bit — anyone can do it, right? However, capturing quality moments needs a little know how.

You don’t need to be an expert, but framing is something you should be aware of before snapping away. When framing your shot, you need to consider a few things. Do you have everything you want in the shot? Is your camera straight, or are you cutting something off that should be there?

Once you have captured your amazing piece, you might want to jazz it up a little. Yes, filters, everyone likes a good filter — I like burger sauce but I won’t drown my food in it, and this goes for filters too.

Quick Recap

· Frame images correctly when taking pictures
· Get Creative with content
· Get your composition correct
· Avoid over use of Filters

However, to help you even out how much sauce you should be adding to your captures. I have put together the Top 5 Instagram Photo Editor Apps In 2019. These apps can help you get those Instagram captures dripping.

You Dripping Baby…

Stay Gramming 🤳🏾



So here we go, The Top 5 Instagram Photo Editor Apps In 2019


A new kid on block is Presco this neat app lets you add premium lightroom filters to your photos. If you were using VSCO or Snapseed you will love Presco, the app is packed with 250 professional Lightroom presets which you can apply to your photos to add some unique sauce.

Presco aims to bring Spotify-mentality to photo editing, and they have done that by creating this app. Overall Presco is an excellent choice, to add to your Instagram content arsenal.


Once upon a time Instagram filters could make any post look good. But with everyone abusing filters and over using them. Standard Instagram filters are a little boring and nearly half of Instagram posts suffering from this. Instagram standard filters maybe starting to bore you as well as your followers. If you haven’t of VSCO it is one of the best photo editing apps to give your posts that exclusive filter overlay and unique style. VSCO has a long list of features and is definitely app you need to play around with.

Available on iOS and Android

3. Enlight

Enlight slogan is “You’ll Never Believe What You Can Create On iPhone”. It is one of the best photo editing apps on iOS. Using this app you can precise control over tone, color of your imagines.

You can even create and save your own unique editing presets. Enlight gives you the ability to create epic monochromatic photos with darkroom techniques.

The features list is vast it includes double-exposure, tilt-shift, photo montages, cloning tool for removing unwanted defects. Overall this app has a great collection of advanced editing tools. If you have the need to add some creative strokes to your Instagram masterpiece then Enlight is a good tool to use. This app really lets you get creative with your content.

“The best all-in-one photo editor provides powerful tools that are easy to use.”

— Apple, Inc.

4.Adobe Lightroom CC

Make amazing photos, from anywhere with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC. Adobe, is a name that’s been around in photo and graphic manipulation for a long time. Now Adobe has taken its number one photo editing software mobile. This all in one app lets you capture and edit photos, also gives you access to the HDR mode that automatically extends the exposure scope. This app is very easy to use and allows you to create epic Instagram posts, that any Influencer would be proud of.

5. Superimpose X

I mention Superimpose in my previous article, but now Superimpose just got smarter by adding A.I.(artificatal Integgeince).

Superimpose X is like having the power of Photoshop in the palm of your hand. You can blend, mix, copy and cut photos. Superimpose X also lets you mask out people from your photos automatically!

This is a very powerful app for boosting creativity for your Instagram posts and jazzing up your existing photos. The good thing about this app is it very simple to use. Superimpose X is packed with wide range of editing capabilities from multiple layers, blending modes, masking, adjustments, brushes, smudge, warp, effects, clarity to casting shadows, Superimpose X is an impressive tool for enhancing your Instagram feed.

These were The Top 5 Instagram Photo Editor Apps In 2019, Instagram is changing and you need to adapt to stay ahead of the game.


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